Main Conference: 29-30 November, 2016

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13th Airfield Engineering & Asset Management Summit Agenda

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Engineering your airfields to improve the quality and performance of pavements and minimise construction and maintenance costs

In this presentation, Dr Bachar Hakim, Head of Pavement Design and Asset Management at AECOM UK gives an overview of pavement condition assessment and maintenance requirements, rehabilitation techniques and the steps to creating an effective airfield maintenance management system.

Airfield Safety: Best Practices

In this presentation, N. Venkatachalapathy, Head of Safety & Environment at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport describes the best practices to counter evergreen risks including the human factor, runway incursions/excursions and safeguarding activities during adverse weather conditions.

Upgrading and Redevelopment of Major Airports & Airfields in Borneo

In this presentation, Ir. Roland Ong, Head of Minsar Airports provides detailed technical information pertaining to the major airfield redevelopments going on in Borneo.

Asia's Top Airfield Projects

An incredible US $190.8 billion is currently being spent on airfield construction projects in Asia, representing over a third of all investment in the sector globally. To give you snapshot of what’s happening in the region, we take a look at 7 of Asia’s top airfield projects.

What Can Asia’s Airfields Learn from NASA?

Air traffic volumes are sky rocketing across Asia and new airfield projects and expansions are rapidly underway. But amidst all this development is the important, yet under-appreciated aspect of airfield materials and friction. These elements determine the friction between airplane tires and the airfield surface, as well as stopping distance,...

We ask the Experts: What are the Greatest Challenges and Solutions for Airfield Maintenance in Asia?

To learn about the key challenges and solutions affecting the airfields construction industry, we interview some of the leading experts in runway pavement design and maintenance, to discover their top priorities and how the industry plans to keep runways in Asia as robust and environmentally-friendly as possible.

13th Annual Airfield Engineer & Asset Management Speakers eBook

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Case Study - Palm Beach International Airport And Blue Grass Airport

Airfield rehabilitation initiatives are being undertaken at Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky, USA and Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, USA by HDR Inc. According to Tim Fish, HDR aviation technical services director, construction phasing is the chief concern for airfield redevelopment projects, and minimizing impact to operations is key....

Cutting-edge Global Airfield Projects: Case Studies From Australia, Hong Kong & The US

Explore Australia’s largest aviation infrastructure development under construction, Hong Kong International Airport’s principal capacity enhancement project since its opening, and two technically challenging pavement improvement and rehabilitation projects at Bluegrass Airport and Palm Beach Airport in the US.

Excursion Hazards and Mitigation Strategies from an Airport Operator Perspectiveo

The rate of runway excursions at commercial airfields has not decreased in more than 20 years, with some 52 percent of ground accidents due to slippery runways. This presentation looks at common causes for runway excursions and how best to avoid these incidents.

Developing airfield infrastructure in a demanding topography-Project Management Techniques

It is a challenging task to deliver an airfield project on demanding topography such as reclaimed land, poor soil quality or terrain requiring blasting or cutting and filling. This presentation by Kempegowda International Airport explores assessment of risk, contracts and stakeholder alignment when executing such challenging airfield construction projects.

Achieving a Strategic Shift in Operations at Auckland Airport

This presentation looks at how Auckland Airport has tackled airside challenges such as apron congestion in order to make a strategic shift from compliance monitor to operations conductor. 

Achieving a Strategic Shift in Operations at Auckland Airport

This presentation looks at how Auckland Airport has tackled airside challenges such as apron congestion in order to make a strategic shift from compliance monitor to operations conductor

Innovations and Case Studies in Time-Sensitive Airfield Rehabilitation

Today, innovative rehabilitation methods are helping to improve the efficiency of airport flight processing, rather than just maintaining existing capabilities. Download this article for more information.